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July 26, 2011 · Vol. 267


Be Santa's Helper Today

The 5th anniversary year of Cricut® is a beautiful thing. Some things in life are simply beautiful. As you know, Cricut celebrated the announcement of two new Cricut machines at The Craft and Hobby Association show in Chicago last week! The new Cricut Expression® 2 and the new Cricut Mini™ were officially introduced to the crafting world. Yes, the new sleek exteriors are fine but you have got to check out all the wonderful things they do, how they function, and oh... the convenience and ease in crafting these two machines have to offer! What will they think of next? Hmmm.

CHA show week is always a fabulous time of year. You could say it's like a crafters Christmas! Better yet, it's like going to Santa's workshop and getting a sneak peak of all the latest and greatest the crafting industry has to offer. But why wait until the holiday season to get your new toys! You are a big kid. So far this year, been good.

Be sure to check out Crafty Kimber's cartridge exploration of the Cricut Essentials and American Alphabet Cricut Cartridges. Read cool crafting tips about solutions for communication between Gypsy and Expression2, and glean great crafting ideas from Cricut message board members in this week's newsletter. As always, I wish you success in your crafting adventures!

Lonna Joy Smoot - Editor, Cricut CHIRP!


D.I.Y. Wedding Class

D.I.Y. Wedding Class

D.I.Y. Wedding Class


This week's highlighted threads are:


This week's spotlight features a proud owner of the Cricut Expression2, Christina Thomas!

Name: Christina Thomas
Age: 37

Q. What first made you interested in crafting?
A. I really never got into crafting until I was married and wanted to start a scrapbook of our wedding...I did a little bit on and off for years, but I really got hooked when I purchased the Cricut 4 years ago and I haven't stopped crafting since then. I started sharing what I love through my blog about 3 years ago and shortly after that I started making videos to share with everyone.

Q. What is one craft tool you can't live without?
A. That's easy my Cricut and Gyspy, oh wait that's two...

Q. Provo Craft Products you own:
A. Cricut Expression, Cricut Expression II, Gypsy, Cuttlebug.

Q. Number of cartridges you own:
A. 90

Q. What is your favorite feature on the new Cricut Expression II?
A. The touch screen for sure. It's why I was drawn to the Gypsy. I'm a visual person and I love that I can see what I'm designing right on the screen.

Q. How often do you use your E2?
A. At least once or twice a week.

Q. What makes the E2 so unique?
A. Definitely the touch screen. I love that I can change the sizes of all the images on my mat without having to go back and start over or tapping each image to change the size.

Q. Where do you go for inspiration on your projects?
A. Magazines are an inspiration, but my biggest inspiration comes from my fellow crafters. Following blogs and YouTube has been a big source of inspiration for me and I love seeing and being inspired by what they create.

Q. Tell us about your favorite craft project. What made it so special?
A. WOW good question...It would be my first completed scrapbook, which wasn't my wedding album :) My husband and I took a day trip to a fabulous garden. I scrapped every little section of that garden...I love going back and looking at the album and even seeing how the way I scrapbook has changed.


Gypsy and E2 Communication

Today's tip comes from Provo Craft's very own Chris.

A number of people on the boards have reported issues with their Gypsy communicating with the E2. The solution has been to do the following:

  1. Make sure your Gypsy and E2 are connected together before you hit the first cut button on your Gypsy. The first cut button is the cut icon that is on the Gypsy mat preview screen (the screen that shows the images as they will appear on your mat and allows you to move the images around and resize them). You must be connected at that point.
  2. Make sure your E2 is on the Main Screen (the screen that stays up when you turn it on) when sending a cut job to your E2.

Also, the Imagine App on the Gypsy will not work with the E2. Only the Gypsy App works with the E2.

Provo Craft


The summer time is the perfect time for creating a craft of some kind, what else would I use to craft then my little Cricut bug. This week I spent my crafting time exploring two of the cartridges that comes with the Cricut Expression 2 machine. I played with "Cricut American Alphabet" and "Cricut Essentials". The best way to explore new cartridges is to create a project; I looked around the house and came up with a project to create using these two cartridges.

"Cricut Essentials" is a fun creative cartridge. Some examples that are included, frames, doily, compass, flowers, labels, star, jack, stitched square (this would work as well for a frame) diamond, swirls, corner designs, oval, leaf, fruit, button, arrows, zigzag, and borders. Each of these designs only has a shift layer that provides you with a base. I noticed as I was cutting the images out you really do need the base layer to help the designs stand out. As I looked through the images on this cartridge, I remembered a project I had wanted to create and decided to make it using the flowers from this cartridge. I created a flower garland using fun bright colors, buttons and bling for center pieces. I folded the flower pedals over my fingers to make them 3-d, for the last touch I took a stamp pad and added some extra color to the edge of each of the flowers. Wow, adding the stamp pad of color really made the flowers pop. Now every time I look at the garland I feel inspired to be creative (see photo below).

D.I.Y. Wedding Class

"Cricut American Alphabet" is the other cartridge that I explored. This cartridge comes with six creative features, Blackout/shadow, Font 1, Font 2, Font 1 Shadow, Font 3, and Font 3 Shadow. I love it when a cartridge gives me choices in fonts. The "Font 2" places the letters and number in the middle of circles, "Font 3" provides the letters and numbers with a swirl on the outside, and "Font 1" is a basic font with the ends of the letters and numbers bubbled. When I first saw "Font 1", I realized that I had found another great font, and this style would be perfect for my house-naming project. A while back I decided that I wanted to name my house, yes I sure you are all wondering why, I spent some time living in England and all the homes have a name and I fell in love with this idea. This cartridge was the inspiration for me to finish my house project. I had already bought metal numbers so I used them, but you could easily cut them with the cartridge. I came up with the name "Crownrose" because I have tons of roses in my front yard and I love crowns, (who doesn't like crowns-lol). I bought a wood plaque at my local craft store and used mod podge to seal my letters. I used the modge podge as my glue and then painted it over my letters three or four times to protect the wood and my project in the bad weather. Then I pulled out my power tools and screwed my plaque to the outside of my house, see photo above. Not only does this cartridge come with a variety of fonts, but you can also cut images, some examples of images that are included are: cupcakes, animals (butterfly, rabbit, dog, cat), star, shoe, light bulb, heart, flowers, swirls, presents, birds, cow boot, birds, and ice cream cone. The shadow/blackout features lets you cut a background for each image to provide you with color options and make your project pop.

That wraps up my exploration for this week; I hope you enjoy playing with your Cricut Expression 2 machine and the fun wonderful cartridges that are included with it. Happy Crafting!!

Crafty Kimber


Need some help? Provo Craft Customer Support is here for you! Never hesitate to call in (1-888-922-4725 or 1-888-92ccircle for Circle questions); we have people ready to help you! We are currently open Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm Mountain Time. If these hours do not work with your schedule, please send an email to support@provocraft.com.

Have a great week!
From your Customer Support Sweeps:
Mark, Colby, Brittany, and Becky, "The Floor Sweeps"


"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."
- Benjamin Franklin

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